Love Loud Music represents a wide range of composers, authors and catalogues. With the joint venture labels Damn 2 Sexy, Surination we have just started to expand our portfolio.....

Love Loud Music’s publishing department represents a wide range of composers, authors and catalogues. D2S, Talaz Mezher, Joseph O'Brian, Chaitoe Productions, Windsor Records,  are just some of the many names represented by Love Loud Music. 

It also represents the interests of Suri-Nation (Surinam). Moreover, Love Loud Music also has an interest in 2 other companies.

Suri Nation is a joint-venture with offices in Surinam, Paramaribo, with an orignal-alternative side of indian music, with writers and bands such as Family Chaitoe, Harridath Jairam, Annie Bodha, Dropati  and many more. Their catalogue includes over 55 albums and more over than 1300 original songs.  The second joint-venture is with Angels (Netherlands), with an strong catalogue of 550 songs.

Netherlands and a part of South America. From Indian, Hindi Pop,Dance, EDM we have the proper knowledge and know how. LoveLoud Publishing works with dutcht right society '' Buma-Stemra''. 

Our specialised team are active with monitoring and taking actions on behalve of the original copyright holder. We will help you to take control of your copyrights and any infrigments. 

Latest News

Joseph O'Brian signs publishing deal

with LoveLoud...

Proud to announce that Joseph is joining the Love Loud Family. With his super songwriting skills , he will be focusing on TV, Commercials and Pop Songs in 2021.

Dem Vee joins LoveLoud Music..

With the upcoming Moombah , we have now a stronghold producer/beatmaker that will be smashing club beats for Damn2Sexy.

LoveLoud welcomes Faziel aka Jack 

Faziel aka Jack famous in South-America (Surinam). This producer/songwriter/composer has joined the family. His reputation of original Bhojpuri (Indian) genre has taken over Surinam, Caribbean and the Netherlands.

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