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Loveloud Music

Loveloud Music opened its doors on 1 December 2010 and has a Publishing and Records Department. The company is goal is to become the leading independent Publisher for mainly local music from South America, the caribeans, WestIndies and the Netherlands, representing a wide range of authors and 1800+ catalogues.

With the growth of online streaming services it can be quite difficult to manage and monitor your copyrights and illegal re-productions in certain countries. This is were we can help labels and publishers.

Nowdays everybody is covering songs especially in the territories we operate and mainly Bollywood Songs. It's most important that you get a legit license of the copyright holder.

Music Publishing, Distribution, Marketing & Promotions, Recordings and more.. You name it and we will provide. Every stream, every cover, every radio spin, no matter where your original music is being played, you deserve your royalties. LoveLoud has direct memberships with rights collections agencies all over the world. We are working directly with dutch copyright society Buma/Stemra. 

Chaitoe Productions, Windsor Records are just some of the names represented by our publishing department.

As a sub-publisher Loveloud Music represents Ramdew Chaitoe, Faziel, Esh, Annie Bodha, R. Lachman, Harridath Jairam, Nelly S. and many others.

The Records department represents artists like Damn 2 Sexy, Esh, Dem Vee, Shano, Joseph, and many more.

Loveloud also represents labels like Damn 2 Sexy, Suri Nation,  recently we are partnering with Angels.

Loveloud Music has its own office in The Netherlands with studios in Surinam, Mauritius and Amsterdam.

Fair Music

Close the gap and stop illegal monetizing of your track, we support.

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